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    Original Sin

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    Nobuo Uematsu


This is what Decisive Battle (the music that plays when you fight Yu Yevon) was originally gonna sound like as arranged by Nobuo Uematsu. The version that appears in game was arranged by Masashi Hamauzu, it’s a shame because this sounds way more awesome.

So can someone clear this up for me?

I want to know if this song is legit. Like, I want to know if it was actually made by Nobuo Uematsu or not.
I tried finding a higher quality version online, (like one without the skip at 1:50 for instance) but I couldn’t find one. I just find exact copies of this one with the skips in the same places and everything.

I also found a forum where someone linked to a YouTube video of this song, talked about it being made by Nobuo Uematsu, and it being taken out of the final product. But the forum post was made on April 1st. April Fools Day… :/

So I would just like to know if anyone can find proof that this is legit, or if it’s an elaborate prank. I wish I could just believe it at face value, but we know the Internet loves to make up hoaxes/pranks.
I’d also like a version of this song without the skips in it. haha


Luffy’s expressions between the point immediately after his fight with Usopp (331) and his first smile, after escaping Lucci’s restraints (346).

"Every time Luffy defeats an antagonist or an enemy, within one or two chapters, whether it is because something entertaining or comical happened, Luffy smiles. There has been only one exception: after his fight with Usopp in Water 7, Luffy did not smile for a long time; in the storyline, he did not smile for a whole day, but in terms of chapters, he did not smile for fifteen chapters.”

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