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Got tagged by braixy so here it go.


• Rule 1: Always post the rules
• Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones.
• Rule 3: Tag 11 people & link them to the post.
• Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them. (you’ll get a notification! i hope)

Note: This can be kinda time consuming so you don’t have to do this if you dont’ want to!

1. How did you meet your current friends?

I met them in various ways. Either being a friend of a friend online, or just chatting randomly through twitter/tumblr. 

2. What is one quality you used to have that you’d like to have now?

A drive to create content. Whether it’s videos, mashups, or original music.

3. What’s your favorite game/game series?

I would probably say Paper Mario and The Thousand Year Door is my favorite game. Favorite series overall has to be Zelda though. It’s been consistently good (to me) throughout the years. I doubt I’ll dislike the series as a whole in the future.
(can’t say the same about where Paper Mario has headed recently.)

4. Why do you use Tumblr?

Mostly networking and sharing stuff with friends. It’s pretty entertaining the stuff you find. (sometimes infuriating) 

5. What’s your favorite animal and why?

I’ve had a few dogs growing up and can connect with them pretty easily. They’re pretty silly. Also cute.

6. Write 3 things that you like about yourself!

This one is actually hard to answer without sounding completely full of yourself. XD

I guess I like how diverse my interest in music/movies/games is. I like almost every genre at some point or another.

I like how I can eat almost anything and not gain any weight. My metabolism is almost a super power. haha
On a similar note, people always think I work out or whatever, because my forearms are kinda big and veiny. I guess I owe that to my dad’s physique.

I like that I can make myself laugh. It sounds kinda dumb, but it’s a good skill to have.

7. Do you have any pets or pets that you want?

I have a dog, and in the future I want more dogs.

8. What are your 3 favorite colors and why?

Black, Red, Blue. 
Not sure why though. haha
Maybe because black and red can look really cool and sleek.
And I guess blue is calming. (to me at least)

9. Is practicality or design more important to you?

I’d probably try to find a happy medium. It’s important to not have one without the other. Given the choice, I’d say practicality is more important though. It can be argued that design is a form of practicality anyway. It can affect how you feel about something and how you interact with it.

10. Is your room messy or clean most of the time?



Nope. :3

Optional 12. What’s your MBTI personality type? Are these qualities that you like?

If I remember correctly, the test showed me as INTP, but I feel like Empathy is more important than cold logic. So I feel like maybe I’m ENTP. But I can see the use for logic.

Here’s the questions the people I tag (have the option to) answer.

1. You can have two mythical creatures as pets. What are they?
2. Favorite game system? Why?
3. Favorite genre of Video Game/Movie/Music
4. Favorite Video Game/Movie/Song
5. Dogs or Cats?
6. Greatest disappointment in your experience with video games?
7. You get 2 Super Powers. What are they?
8. What game are you most hyped for? Why?
9. You can add 1 more character to the Smash Bros. roster. Who is it?
10. First gaming experience?
11. Why do you think there’s 11 questions? 

therubberfruit thund3rhead swilboswaggins urktopus bastiet

And a few more that can view this as EXTRA optional since you’ve been tagged with this before.

electrikestorm braixy norris3942 besharpseeflatt 

It’s not 11 people, but whatever. If you follow me and feel like answering these questions, consider yourself tagged.


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